The Basics

Foster Village Co-op has the opportunity to buy one of our houses and we need your support so we can preserve our eco-village! Over the past 15 years, our intentional community has been a model of urban sustainability making use of solar energy, earthen building techniques, and rainwater catchment systems that water perennial food gardens and over a dozen fruit trees. As housing costs continue to rise in Portland, Foster Village provides stable, affordable long-term housing for activists, community organizers, and LGBTQ folks through the magic of collective living. In order to continue to thrive, we need allies to help us purchase “The Orange House” because this flag lot intersects the heart of our ecovillage, running right through the center of our other two houses and our gardens. We are looking for a handful of key supporters to make deed secured loans of $10,000-$50,000 each in order to create an alternative to a traditional mortgage with a bank. This is a unique opportunity to invest your resources to support a livable city and a more beautiful world.

Ways you can Help

  • Attend our Open House on October 14th to learn more, generate communal excitement, and join together to support community in action.

  • Spread the word! Invite your friends to our Open House. Tell folks who care about Foster Village, intentional community, and sustainability that we’re in need of support.

  • Consider becoming a key supporter and providing us with a loan. Contact us to find out more.

  • Pray for the ongoing thriving of the Village (see below).

Our prayers

May the permaculture gardens at the heart of Foster Village continue to thrive, for seven times seven years and beyond. May the living soil that replaced dead concrete here remain in place, steady, protected, fertile with both trees and dreams. May the fruit trees and the wildflowers, the medicinal herbs and the native shrubs stay rooted her, vibrant, flourishing, continuing to offer gifts of sweet nourishment and potent healing.

May the Orange House continue to be held within the fold of Foster Village, within resonant community, within the circles of love and trust. Through this time of change, may the Village grow stronger, more intertwined, more resilient. May our roots deepen into both the living Earth and into stable, collectively held financial systems aligned with our intentions and values, with earth tending, shared personal growth, and mutual aid. May we receive and create deep, solid structures of sturdy support.

May the flow between the three houses also grow stronger--may sharing, laughter, mutual aid, inspiration, food, collaborative labor, and love reverberate between our houses, weaving a mycelial web of earth-feeding, wild-tending community.

May Foster Village become even more of a hub for enlivening, embodying, and enacting our values. May our friends, lovers, guests, neighbors, and kindred spirits known and unknown gather here for inspiration, education, action, celebration, and sacred circles of release and creation. May we learn together how to remember, return, and reconnect our human ways and circles with the living web of all our wild kin; may we do the work that is ours to do in the Great Turning. May the good work we do here echo far beyond our land; may the seeds we plant here blossom far and wide, welcoming nourishing justice, rooted balance, and sustainable delight to the earth.