The story of Foster Village begins about 15 years ago with a single community house purchased by a couple of natural builders. With their 1912 craftsman and a 60×100’ lot on which to practice their craft, made space for the embryo of an urban community to take shape. Asphalt and gravel were ripped up, plants were set into ground that had been deprived of roots for many decades and the landscape was re-envisioned.

In 2006, an adjacent lot & home became vacant and shortly thereafter the budding community evolved into two houses (with the purchase of another turn-of-the-century craftsman). As the community of friends and neighbors grew, so did the possibilities. A lot was divided and a small, environmentally conscious 3rd home was constructed in 2010. (Multnomah County’s 1st permitted strawbale residence). The transformation from a community home to a Community of three houses was completed in the spring of 2010.  In 2017, we officially placed our first house into collective ownership.